Remembering Russell Crowe's watch collection, and why it's still our greatest video to this day

Editor’s note: To stay at the top of your game for decades takes more than luck. More than skill. More than talent. It takes perseverance, and it takes an ultimate commitment to your craft. When Russell Crowe sat down with GQ a couple of weeks ago to deconstruct his most popular characters, it reminded us of the time he met with us to talk watches. Within a couple of lines, he’s in absolutely top form: “If you get the responsibility to tell someone’s story, and if it’s true, you’ve gotta bust your balls for it.”  The occasion of our meeting was not exactly a joyous one. His impending divorce meant dividing up his estate, and a veritable sack of watches was on the chopping block. But Russell relished the opportunity. He spoke about each watch with incredible charisma. His mellifluous baritone flitted from stories about his movies, to random airport purchases, to even more mundane details. And yet, throughout, you find yourself gripped. Hanging on every word. We want to share this great memory with you in as much detail as possible. So please find on this post, the backstory, the video and the sales results for all his watches. The GQ video, which is equally amazing,…

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IN DEPTH: The Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Vs. Seiko Prospex SPB147J – the battle of gilty pleasures

Tudor Black Bay 58 Vs. Seiko Prospex SPB147If a watch has become synonymous with the One Watch Collection, a quintessential vintage diver, or the perfect Sub reissue Rolex never released, it’s the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight. In fact, care of the recent navy blue update, it’s currently as viral as the AD waiting lists are long. Personally, I love vintage tool watches, and especially the quiet bling that a warm touch of gold brings to the party. But can we find alternatives in the same perfect 38-40mm size from another big box brand? Yes, we can — from Seiko, well known for their brilliant vintage reissues, but also for being large. Ergonomically superb they may be, but with the different tastes of the Asian and US markets (in HK the BB58 is being marketed as a ladies’ watch), still predominantly large chunks of 42-44mm steel. This changed with the recent release of the 40.5mm SPB143-147 and SPB149 Vintage Diver Re-creation trio. Still on the chubby side height-wise, but at a third of the price of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, is the SPB147J the gilt champ? The fighters enter the arena … A duel of cases The comfort prize is won by the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, by simple…

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Hands-on – The Redesigned Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Twin

The Chopard L.U.C collection was presented after the brand proudly inaugurated its Fleurier manufacture in 1996. This Chopard milestone gave birth to a multitude of superb watches with gentlemanly refinement – subtle, nuanced Haute Horlogerie at its best. Presented to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this collection, the L.U.C Perpetual Twin now returns in two […]

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FRIDAY WIND DOWN: This one goes out to the watches that got away

Is there any question that lights up a watch lover more than this one: What is the watch that got away? The answer is always interesting. Always! And it can plumb the very depths of emotion. You will likely see a visible wince, followed by regret, anger and recriminations flashing across the storyteller’s face as he or she relives the episode as they talk about it. As part of our editorial meeting on Monday, the question was floated to the whole team. James’ face was racked with pain as he relived passing on a 16520 Daytona. “While I was at uni, a mate offered me a mint Zenith Daytona Ref.16520 W-Series ‘Patrizzi’ dial with full box papers for $8000 AUD,” James sighed. “I had about enough money in my bank account to afford a 24-piece bucket of Colonel Sanders’ finest, so I had to pass on the Rolex. Seeing as a good one now goes for about the same as a 10 per cent deposit on a house, I’m more than slightly emotional about the missed opportunity.” There were howls from the rest of us that cackled over our laptop speakers. Zoom mini-screens showed all of us bent over with…

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HANDS-ON: The Rado Captain Cook Bronze is going to stay golden, care of its copper alloy

Rado Captain Cook bronzeTo even the most casual Time+Tide reader, the Rado Captain Cook is likely to be a known quantity. A strong, stainless steel, vintage-inspired design, backed up by a reliable modern movement in a range of sizes … all true, but that’s no longer the extent of it. For the first time, we can now add three Rado Captain Cook bronze references to the collection. Named after the British explorer who achieved the first recorded European contact with the east coast of Australia, the Rado Captain Cook was first produced from 1962 until 1968. This was a legitimate dive watch that capitalised on a golden age of underwater exploration, when scuba diving became popular with the public at large, and watchmakers rushed to put watches on the wrists of this new breed of submerged shopper. The instantly recognisable design was revived in recent years, and the collection has enjoyed strong success as a fresh and eye-catching offering from the brand. The exciting addition of the Rado Captain Cook Bronze marks a tangent within the collection that gives a totally new look and feel to a well-established part of the brand’s stable. The bronze produces an attractively warm tone in the 42mm case,…

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Video – Reviewing the 2020 TAG Heuer Carrera Sport Chronograph 44mm

The Carrera is more than a watch for TAG Heuer. It has become an icon and a standalone collection hosting countless models from 3-handers to vintage-inspired, highly attractive editions – such as the recent Silver Edition or the Montreal version. But all the Carrera family has one thing in common: a timeless and easily recognizable […]

This is why I didn't trade my entire collection for my grail, a Patek Philippe 5066 Aquanaut

Patek 5066 AquanautAlmost two years ago I had the opportunity to acquire a watch that was on my grail list – the Patek Philippe 5066 Aquanaut. The deal Not having an unlimited source of funds to blow on a beautiful watch, the transaction necessitated that I not part with one of my watches, but rather all of the watches in my collection (in addition to a few thousand dollars). Like a fantasy football trade, to get one of the best of the best it meant I needed to let go of some pretty well-known brands and watches to get close to their asking price.  The Aquanaut The 5066 really resonates with me for its discreet yet haute design that proudly displays its beautifully finished movement via an exhibition caseback. Being 36mm in diameter, with a less integrated rubber strap that was more flexible for my smaller wrist, it was a watch from Patek Philippe I felt could be a safe daily wearer, especially as the watch was over 100m water resistant (provided one routinely checked and maintained its gaskets). In the moment, to make this deal happen, I was prepared to part with four watches that were the most valuable in my…

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