ANNOUNCING: Complete the Time+Tide 2019 Reader Survey, have a chance at winning a TAG Heuer Autavia

Welcome to the Time+Tide 2019 Reader Survey! That time when we put some hard-hitting questions into a survey program, work some internet magic and set it free, for all you good people out there to answer. There’s a great Faith No More album called We Care a Lot — it sums up how we feel about you taking the time to do this. We care a whole lot about your answers. Edge of our seats might sound like a bit of an overstatement but it’s pretty true. We love this time of the year. Literally every response (and there were 3400 last time, so you can imagine how much work we got done over that period) is like a little bell ringing in the office and we’re hopeless at not responding to it. Flicking through for new ideas, honest feedback and what watches you own. We’re still hopelessly geeky like that. This year, expect questions around what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see more of. You’ll note a bit of a focus on ecomm, because it’s such a hot-button topic. Now, because we’re nice, and we understand that you’re really helping us out by…

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3 things you need to know about the Seiko Prospex LX collection

Editor’s note: The Seiko Prospex LX collection has finally hit Australian shores, so we thought we’d revisit this piece from Baselworld, where the design guru largely responsible for the look of the new line dropped some LX-oriented knowledge …  Seiko’s Baselworld press conference is one of my few must-not-miss appointments, if only for a much-needed dose of humour. But for me, the real star of this year’s affair was Ken Okuyama. Mr Okuyama is an industrial designer with an eponymous studio, who made his name in the world of prestige cars, with a folio including such epic vehicles as the original Honda NSX, the Enzo Ferrari and the Ferrari California. And while much of his career has been spent with some of the great European marques, he’s recently turned his eyes homeward, working on raising the profile and prestige of Japanese and Asian brands. Which is why he’s the creative mind behind the brand new Prospex LX collection. Here are three things that stood out to me about how Mr Okuyama intends to make these watches stand out. “When left alone, heritage becomes antique” Evolution is required to make modern value for a brand’s heritage. Mr Okuyama reiterated that for…

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Introducing – Certina DS1 celebrates 60 years of DS in style

The DS Concept put Certina on the map and was a big step to making Swiss watches more reliable and water-resistant while keeping them affordable. Now that system celebrates its 60th birthday and of course that had to be celebrated with a watch. So meet the new Certina DS1 Big Date 60th Anniversary and its combination of style, good mechanics and affordability.

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Introducing – Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition “Blue Double Gradient”

Back at the SIHH 2018, Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a brand new collection with both vintage and sporty inspiration – something that was clearly missing in the range. Based on the famed “Polaris Memovox” from 1968, the brand developed an entire line-up comprising a chrono, a WT-chrono, a time-only, a Worldtime and of course, an alarm “Memovox” version. Last but not least (and a personal favourite), was the vintage-inspired time-and-date diver, which is the base for today’s novelty, with new “Blue Double Gradient” dial. Meet the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition.

Value Proposition – The anOrdain Model 2 – An Affordable, Sporty Sequel with Vitreous Enamel Dials from Scotland

Lewis Heath founded anOrdain a few years ago and assembled a team of jewelery designers, a typographer, graphic designer, product designer and watchmaker to collaborate on something truly unique. The principle focus was on Grand Feu enamel dials, a difficult craft that’s almost always reserved for much pricier, luxury timepieces. Many such brands outsource their enamel dials, but anOrdain spent the better part of three years perfecting its own in-house production. The result was the Model 1 in 2018 with the deep richness of enamel in assorted colors, limited to a production of only eight dials per week. The Model 2, their second attempt in creating nice and affordable pieces, adds a sportier touch with new hands, typography and a smaller case, but enamel dials remain the centerpiece. Let’s take a closer look at the sequel from this independent Scottish brand.

HANDS-ON: The Aussie-only Seiko Prospex SRPD50K

Seiko is a brand with a lot of love in Australia — their watches, especially the divers, are incredibly popular, due in equal parts to their good looks, virtual indestructibility and high ratio of bang vis-à-vis buck. So, we’ve got no doubt that this Australia-only limited edition — a two-tone twist on the classic turtle — will be a hit. So, say hello to the Seiko Prospex SRPD50K. If you’re reading this, the fundamentals of the watch are likely familiar to you. A big, cushion-y case (which resembles the silhouette of a turtle — hence the name) that clocks in at 45mm across, 47.7mm top to bottom and 13.4mm tall. The movement is the solid caliber 4R36, and Hardlex crystal. The cosmetics, though, are completely new. The case has been treated with a dark grey/anthracite coating, which is a nice alternative to the straight-up matt black. It’s dark, but it’s still metallic. Add to this the yellow gold crown, bezel and applied dial details and you’ve got a watch that has all the wrist drama you could want. There’s also some high contrast on the dial — the slightly grained black dial is nicely offset by the soft white luminous…

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Hey! Ho! Laureato! Checking out Girard-Perregaux's hot panda chronograph

Before we start, I feel I should apologise for the above headline. Only, I’m not sure if I should apologise to the Ramones or Girard-Perregaux. Perhaps both. The Girard-Perregaux Laureato was reborn at SIHH 2017 — from humble mid-70s beginnings. Since then we’ve seen the sporty collection gradually expand to encompass all the usual complications and finishings – skeletons, tourbillons, perpetual calendars and the rest. But the one we’re most into is, without doubt, the chronograph. In the mainline collections (women’s and Absolute versions aside), there are two main options (for now): a delicious shimmering blue, or this handsome silvery panda.  There’s a lot to like in this dial. Texture! Colour! Layout! But it’s not the only trick the Laureato Chronograph has on offer. The 42mm case and bracelet are just as sharp, and stand out on the wrist. There’s a sophisticated mix of shapes and finishes. Circle meets octagon and is interspersed with brushed and mirror polish. A nice touch is the octagonal screw-down chronograph pushers, and the subtle crown guards. In fact, the whole ensemble works seamlessly as a chic, stylish offering. All backed up by a solid, in-house movement. Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph price Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph, 42mm steel…

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