The Enabler: How to justify buying another watch (#9. "But it's an investment…")

best gold watches Rolex Daytona RainbowNOTE: We understand that you’ve found a new watch to add to your collection (congratulations!). But rationalising this fact – coupled with the fact that it’ll cost a bucketload of cash – may not always sit well with the less horologically minded. That’s where we come in … Use The Enabler’s advanced levels of sophistry to validate your latest acquisition. Sadly, it’s time for The Enabler to bow out. Over the last few weeks I’ve furnished you with a stack of irrefutable reasons to justify blowing your pay-packet on yet another watch. To testify on your horological behalf we’ve called to the stand everyone from Kanye West to Mahatma Gandhi. And we’ve discussed a succession of tried-and-tested manoeuvres — The Heirloom Defence, The Milestone Celebration, The Cost Per Wear Argument, not to mention the “At Least It’s Not Coke & Hookers” Line Of Attack. Hopefully, your watch collection will already be considerably richer as a result. But I’ve saved one of the most convincing arguments until last, namely the fact that buying the right watch can prove to be a genuine investment. “You’ve just bought a watch that costs the same as a small car!?!” yells your red-faced wife as she eyes your…

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Fun with fundamentals: A watch glossary for the budding enthusiast

Editor’s note: For anyone that isn’t already a watch enthusiast, understanding the multitude of watch-specific terminology can be a bit daunting. In fact, a friend of mine, who is the definition of the horologically uninitiated, recently read one of my articles and said it was akin to hieroglyphics. So, for their benefit, and for anyone else out there that needs to brush up on the basics of watches, we’ve created this easy to understand glossary. Enjoy.  Case The modular case of the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01. The case is the exterior of the watch. It can be made from a range of high-tech or precious materials, but steel is most common. Typically, measurements are provided as the diameter, excluding the crown. Bezel The blue ceramic bezel of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300. The bezel is the ring that surrounds the dial of the watch (on the outside), and typically plays a role in attaching the crystal to the watch. If the dial is surrounded by a separate internal ring, that is often referred to as a chapter ring. Strap Nomos on a Time+Tide strap. The strap is a material band that attaches the wristwatch to the wrist. These are…

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The Vintage Corner – An Unusual yet Fascinating Pilot’s Watch, the 1950s Jardur Chronograph

The Jardur Company of 874 Broadway, New York was a manufacture of “Navigation Instruments” as well as an importer of the Jardur Bezelmeter and Super FlightMaster aviation wristwatches and chronographs. In the early days of commercial flight, someone had to provide the navigational instruments, logbooks, charts, navigational aids and elapsed time recorders to make long-distance […]

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These were the 3 best Jaquet Droz watches of 2019

As is the case with every other year in recent times, 2019 was a very, very good one for the inimitable Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz. Not only did we see the marque, which has been around since 1738, create their first ever Grande Seconde Chronograph, we also saw a great new addition to their Grande Seconde Skelet-One timepiece in a innovative material. Anyway, without wanting to give it all away, here are the three best Jaquet Droz watches of 2019: JAQUET DROZ GRANDE SECONDE CHRONOGRAPH Known as the master of automatons, Jaquet Droz lends its name to an elegant series of watches with an identifiable aesthetic. This is the first chronograph in the Grande Seconde collection and it is long overdue. This watch boasts an exquisitely balanced dial, which employs a variety of scales and fonts to surprising effect (note the mixture of Roman and Arabic numerals on the time dial). Controlled by a mono-pusher crown at 4 o’clock, this is a complicated piece with a simple heart. Ref No: J007830240 / Case size: 43mm / Case material: Steel / Movement: 26MR / Price: $26,000 JAQUET DROZ GRANDE SECONDE DUAL TIME BLACK ENAMEL If you like to travel with the…

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Cool as p**k: The dive watch that looks like a hockey puck

Halios Puck II reviewEditor’s note: Making a unique and interesting timepiece is always a hard task, especially if you’re a nascent watchmaker that doesn’t have anywhere near as many runs on the board as the stalwarts of the industry. What’s harder, still, is making an idiosyncratic timepiece that also needs to meet the demanding rigours of a fit-for-purpose dive watch. But that’s exactly what independent Canadian microbrand Halios did when they unveiled the Puck II way back in 2017. We were fortunate enough to go hands-on with the overtly round dive watch upon its unveiling, and these were our initial impressions: Over the years, I’ve worn many (many) watches for review purposes, and to be honest it’s rare that I’m still thinking about that watch months or years after the fact. The Puck, from Canadian microbrand Halios, is one of the rare exceptions. I wrote up the DLC version of the original Puck over on Hodinkee, way back in 2013 and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. So when I noticed some early renders of the Puck II on Instagram last year, I immediately contacted Jason Lim, founder of Halios, to get my hands on it ASAP (for purely impartial review purposes, obvs). Fast forward…

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