5 vintage finds you can pick up on eBay right now

vintage watches on eBayIf you’re a regular reader of Time+Tide, you’re likely to sit somewhere on the scale of watch addiction. From unrelenting curiosity to full-blown collecting mania, you should know that you aren’t alone in your unquenchable thirst for that next addition to the collection. And what better way to start the year than by getting a new watch? Especially a vintage one. Here, we are taking a look at several vintage pieces on eBay that are currently available and all offer different elements of watch-collecting intrigue. If you’ve never bought a vintage watch before, let alone a vintage watch online, it can definitely seem like an intimidating morass of questionable authenticity and watches you might think are NQR. Recently, however, eBay has taken a big step to making this potential minefield of hunting and gathering more approachable by offering their Authenticity Guarantee on watch sales $2000US and over. This means that when an eligible watch is sold, it will be sent to eBay’s third-party verifier, who will issue it with an authenticity report card, before sending it on to the buyer. That means more time searching for your next dream watch, without worrying you might stumble across something that is less…

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