5 watches that look good on any strap

Brown cordovan leather watch strap, Omega SpeedmasterIt’s no secret that watches are expensive items. Whether it’s a $100 quartz Seiko or a $10,000 Rolex, you’re always trying to get the most for your money. By far the easiest way to eke out some extra value is to get a good collection of straps, so you can easily match your watch to certain occasions, or just change up its personality with some alternate colours. But not every watch is created equal. Certain hallmarks help timepieces be even more versatile than the rest. Uncomplicated designs, monochromatic themes, well shaped lugs and even-numbered lug widths will all ensure your watch is a veritable strap monster. It’s a great way to stop yourself from blowing more money on another watch, too. Here are 5 watches that look good on any strap.  Seiko SKX007 We’ll start with the original and the best. Seiko’s iconic 200m diver just begs to be customised, even if you’re determined to avoid the numerous third-party upgrades and modifications available. The stock Jubilee-style bracelet is attractive yet not well suited to a daily wearer. The stock rubber strap is supremely comfortable, but accordion-style folds can look somewhat ungainly if you’re doing anything other than diving. The result…

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