Introducing – Glashütte Original Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 Limited Edition

Glashütte Original celebrates the 100th anniversary of Alfred Helwig’s sophisticated flying tourbillon. In true understated Glashütte Original style, the tourbillon is positioned on the reverse of the movement. A watch for connoisseurs, the only hint that there is a tourbillon escapement on the watch is the word ‘tourbillon’ inscribed in the small seconds counter of […]

21 hours ago

Video – Exploring the 2020 Maurice Lacroix Pontos Collection

The elegant proposition in the collection, and a now well-established line of watches for Maurice Lacroix, is the Pontos collection, which debuted in 2000 and has since become the brand’s (not so) classic model. This year, as the Pontos celebrates its 20th anniversary, several new models have been released, such as the Pontos Chronograph Monopusher […]

Introducing – Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti “La Montre Noire”

Which watch do you imagine could match the most exclusive and most expensive car ever commissioned? Which watch could be on the wrist of the driver of the Bugatti “La Voiture Noire”, a unique car worth more than EUR 11 million (pre-tax, if ever this matters…)? Clearly, you didn’t expect something standard. For a car […]

Introducing – Oris 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition

Oris is proving to be one of the most prolific watch brands in terms of novelties during this complicated year. Despite the cancellation of the Reno Air Races, Oris ploughs on with the release of its 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition, a grey PVD-coated Big Crown ProPilot model, now with GMT functionality and pointer […]

Introducing – The Chronoswiss SkelTec and Opus Chronograph

Chronoswiss is best known for its regulator watches, such as the Classic Regulator Manufacture or radical Flying Grand Regulator Open Gear ReSec, but the brand is also well-known for skeletonisation. In the mid-1990s, the Opus became the first skeletonised automatic chronograph produced in series and watches like the Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton Limited Edition continue […]

Hands-on – Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 Limited Edition

Mido, a brand owned by the Swatch Group, is mostly known as a great competitor in the accessible luxury segment, with well-executed pieces offering great value for the money – take as an example the Ocean Star Diver 600, you’ll see what we mean. Mido is also a brand with a rich history and some […]

Introducing – Raketa Big Zero Malevich Watch (Live Pics & Price)

Russian watch brand Raketa is back with another surprising watch inspired by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich’s radical Black Square painting. A far cry from Raketa’s tool watches, the limited edition “Big Zero Malevich” features a big black square smack in the centre of the dial. A collaboration between Raketa and the State Tretyakov Gallery […]

Introducing – Montblanc Star Legacy Exo Tourbillon Skeleton LE8

Perhaps one of the most significant milestones in Montblanc’s 114-year long history is its decision to take over the former Minerva production facilities in 2007. Based in Villeret, it has become Montblanc’s inventing room for high horology watches, like the Montblanc Star Legacy Exo Tourbillon Skeleton LE8 watch. The timepiece boasts an 18k rose gold […]

Introducing – Ralph Lauren Polo Watch Collection (Live Pics & Price)

In recent years, Ralph Lauren has made watches with complicated movements and intriguing designs, somehow reflecting Mr Lauren’s love for Haute Horlogerie. It was time for the brand’s watch division to focus on an important sector: accessible luxury – exactly where Polo RL operates in terms of fashion goods. As such, the brand now introduces […]

Introducing – MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement “Eddy Jaquet”, Inspired by Jules Verne (Live Pics)

Since it was founded in 2005, MB&F has cultivated partnerships with watchmakers, clockmakers, artists and designers. The latest collaboration involves Eddy Jaquet, a master engraver whose incredibly detailed engravings bring to life scenes from Jules Verne’s novels. Eight unique pieces in red gold, each with a remarkable tale to tell, embark on their next adventure […]