Introducing – Raketa Big Zero Malevich Watch (Live Pics & Price)

Russian watch brand Raketa is back with another surprising watch inspired by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich’s radical Black Square painting. A far cry from Raketa’s tool watches, the limited edition “Big Zero Malevich” features a big black square smack in the centre of the dial. A collaboration between Raketa and the State Tretyakov Gallery […]

Introducing – MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement “Eddy Jaquet”, Inspired by Jules Verne (Live Pics)

Since it was founded in 2005, MB&F has cultivated partnerships with watchmakers, clockmakers, artists and designers. The latest collaboration involves Eddy Jaquet, a master engraver whose incredibly detailed engravings bring to life scenes from Jules Verne’s novels. Eight unique pieces in red gold, each with a remarkable tale to tell, embark on their next adventure […]

Video – Discovering the Czapek 2020 Novelties during The Geneva Watch Days

Following our visit of the Geneva Watch Days, the only main watch-related event organised this year in Europe, we had the chance to finally discover in the metal some of the newest timepieces introduced earlier this year, as well as all-new models from more than 15 brands. Besides the large, established brands (such as Bvlgari, […]

The Collector’s Series – @Watch_Time_It_Is And His Early Speake-Marin Marin 1 Mk1

For this new instalment of the Collector’s Series, we meet again with California-based collector @Watch_Time_It_Is (his IG account is something that could be named “watch wonderland”…), who already talked to us about two extremely desirable watches from the independent watchmaking scene, a McGonigle Tuscar Bánú and a Grönefeld Parallax. And for his third (but not last) appearance […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – The Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project (Live Pics & Price)

A few months ago, URWERK announced the final edition of what’s probably its most emblematic watch, the UR-210. A true time-indicating UFO, the UR-210 is a compendium of everything Urwerk stands for. But there is no reason to be sad because the brand has secured its successor. And today, it is presented. With its hand-wound […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – The New HYT Flow

HYT is an independent watchmaker like no other. With creations staging an offbeat dialogue between art and science, the brand has always been nimble and fast at innovation… from the very beginning and their core concept of displaying time with fluids. A few years ago, HYT had presented one of its most unexpected concepts, a […]

2 weeks ago

Independent Watchmaking – The Itay Noy Night Flight Collection

Creativity is key in watches, and inspiration can come from just about anything. From the smallest of moments and the simplest of things, the most amazing ideas can sprout. We’ve seen watches dedicated to the most unusual things, from cars to cities to people and to events or monumental landmarks. Itay Noy is one of […]

4 weeks ago