Review – IWC Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN Ceratanium

“DoppelChronograph” (or Double Chronograph in English)… If you know your IWC history, you’ll immediately spot the importance – and coolness – of these words. As you might have seen already, 2019 was the year of Pilot’s Watches at IWC Schaffhausen, but not by changing entirely the collection – the classic models remain untouched – but by […]

2 weeks ago

Face-to-Face – The Battle of Automatic Chronographs – IWC vs. Glashütte Original (the White Dial Edition)

This face-to-face article wasn’t something we actually planned to do… But recently, after shooting photos for the review of the Glashütte Senator Chronograph Panorama Date, I put the watch on my desk, right next to another chronograph… A white dial IWC Portugieser Chronograph 3714. And that’s how the idea for this battle of automatic chronographs emerged. Two slightly Germanic-looking watches, with white dials, elegant but not over-dressed designs, from two of the most respected brands. This is not going to be an easy battle!

2 weeks ago

Buying Guide – 5 of the Best Perpetual Calendar Watches Launched in 2019

Complications, when it comes to horology, are all the functions of a watch in addition to the display of the time. Complications are what make mechanical watches attractive – and indeed, horology might be the only place where we can enjoy complication upon complication. Regarding calendar indications, multiple functions have been created but nothing can […]

2 months ago

Spotted – Hans Dieter Pötsch, Chairman of Porsche SE, with IWC and Omega

For our latest instalment of “Spotted”, we are featuring Han Dieter Pötsch. Pötsch is the Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Automobil Holding SE. And on his wrist are watches that are linked to the cars he produces or to the world of motor racing (surprisingly…), by Omega and IWC/Porsche Design. Porsche SE is […]

2 months ago

Hands-on – IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Chronograph Bucherer BLUE

The Portugieser Chronograph by IWC Schaffhausen needs little to no introduction. It is one of those classic watches that every collector will encounter, one day or another. For over 20 years, it remained practically unchanged, with the exception of variations on the dial. The model we present today is yet another of these variations… and […]

3 months ago

Introducing – IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Edition Right-Hander

Because 90% of the population is right-handed, there’s a convention that watches have to be worn on the left wrist… And that explains why the crown is positioned at 3 o’clock (on most watches, of course). There are exceptions to the rule, though, with so-called “right-hander” or “lefty” watches. Not so common, practical for left-handers […]

4 months ago

Introducing – IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser Chronograph Bucherer BLUE

On one side you have IWC and its signature, classic chronograph, the Portugieser 3714. This watch, as we’ve explained in this in-depth review, is a modern icon, practically unchanged since its introduction in the late-1990s. A perfect definition of a classic. On the other side, you have Bucherer, possibly the world’s largest watch retailer, known for its blue-themed special editions – usually very well executed. And when you mix the two, you get the new IWC Portugieser Chronograph Bucherer BLUE IW371492 – and yes, it is one superb version of this watch.

4 months ago