Introducing – Ressence Type 1 Squared X Time by Colour

Celebrating ten years of life, today Ressence presents the fourth and final piece in its Collection X. Challenging the traditional concept of displaying time with hands, Ressence has created a new visual language for telling the time. Renowned for its distinctive ‘beyond hands’ display, Ressence watches tell the time with revolving sub-dials powered by the […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – Ressence Type 3X “Now is Better” Edition

Celebrating ten years of genuinely innovative watchmaking, Ressence revisits its oil-filled Type 3 watch and delivers a message of hope in these days of gloom and doom provoked by the pandemic. With a new dial designed by Stefan Sagmeister and the words “Now is Better” displayed on the minutes track, the Ressence Type 3X is […]

2 months ago

Video – Reviewing the Unique and Ultra-Innovative Ressence Type 2 e-Crown

If you know your watchmaking, the name Ressence should be familiar to you and should immediately bring to mind concepts such as minimalist design, super-cool displays and mechanical innovation. The latest creation of the brand is that, and more. Today, as part of our video reviews, we’ll look at a very special watch, a unique […]

3 months ago

Introducing – Ressence Type 1 Slim X

Ten years ago, a brand that would soon become one of the most respected yet unusual members of the independent watchmaking scene was launched… in Belgium (that’s already something). From the early days, Ressence made things its own way, mostly relying on innovation and modernity, and one important feature, the ROCS display module. Where most […]

7 months ago

News – Time To Draw! Ressence and Sotheby’s Join Forces Against Coronavirus

Independent watchmaker Ressence and Sotheby’s Watch Division are joining forces against coronavirus this season and launching a competition to design a unique watch. For the first time ever, watch lovers will have the chance to create their own interpretation of one of Ressence’s latest models, the Type 1 Slim. And the winning design will make […]

9 months ago

Introducing – Ressence Type 1DXB

Ressence is a unique company… Half watchmaker, half 2.0 avant-garde designer, the brand is known for its bold and innovative timepieces – think Type 2 e-Crown – that combine a sleek design with a signature display of the time. Even if “challenging the status quo of mechanical watchmaking” is the philosophy of the brand, its […]

Buying Guide – 5 of the Most Original Dive Watches Recently Introduced

We all love a good old dive watch… There’s something rather inexplicable about dive watches, as it is clear that most of us never use them as they really were designed to perform (except the occasional jump in the pool). Still, they are attractive. However, there’s one issue with this category of timepieces. Most of them look […]

Introducing – Ressence Type 1 ZZ – A Furtive Collaboration with Chronopassion

The Ressence Type 1 was introduced in 2014 and has never ceased to evolve. Multiple colours, different materials, even a square version of the crownless case, but always the same unique display positioning itself as the ‘Air-Filled’ collection (contrasting with the oil-filled watches). Earlier this year, the brand introduced a major update with the new […]

2 years ago

Baselworld 2019 – Ressence Type 5 Night Blue

Ressence likes to do things like no other in the watchmaking industry… Its approach is both modern, technical and unique, and yet lots of traditional mechanics inside. Already impressive with its in-house orbital display of the time, Ressence decided to even improve the concept with an oiled-filled piece, with the Type 3. And then, benefiting from this distortion-free system, a dive watch was launched. For 2019, the Ressence Type 5 gets updated with a Night blue dial – relevant for a dive watch!

2 years ago