Buying Guide – 5 Cool Accessible Sports Watches Recently Launched

Yes, we know, we can sometimes be a bit snobbish at MONOCHROME. We can’t help it, we love beautiful horology. We love high-end movements, complications and handmade decoration. This doesn’t mean we can afford them, though… So, sometimes we need a reality check and think about what most watch enthusiasts can afford, in real life. […]

Hands-on – Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer 1961 Limited Edition

Mido, a brand owned by the Swatch Group, is mostly known as a great competitor in the accessible luxury segment, with well-executed pieces offering great value for the money – take as an example the Ocean Star Diver 600, you’ll see what we mean. Mido is also a brand with a rich history and some […]

Introducing – Bangalore Watch Company MACH 1 Officer’s Blue

Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj founded Bangalore Watch Company in 2018 with the goal of bringing fine watchmaking to India with a tangible link to the country. Following a collection of both men’s and women’s dress watches, the husband and wife team launched the MACH 1 pilot’s watches in September 2019. With multiple case and […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – Tissot Alpine On Board Automatic Chronograph A110S

We’ve said it in the past, similarities between cars and watches are endless, whether we’re talking about mechanics, design or the passion they incite. Both sides of the industry are fully aware of this and of the fact that collectors of one are often enthusiastic about the other – which explains why MONOCHROME has The […]

2 weeks ago

Value Proposition – The Cool and Accessible Vario WW1 Trench Watch

Vario is a Singapore-based microbrand that’s released two intriguing collections via crowdfunding since 2017, the Retro Eclipse and Empire Automatic. Retro themes helped define these collections with the Empire Automatic having a cool Art Deco vibe to boot. The brand is back with a third collection that harkens back to the trenches of WW1. Although wristwatches existed prior to the war, the modern men’s wristwatch was born out of necessity as pocket watches were cumbersome on the battlefield. Vario’s new WW1 Trench Watch faithfully revisits this era with six models seemingly straight out of the early 20th century.

2 weeks ago

Introducing – TRIBUS, a New British Watch Brand

A three-month manufacturing delay and a global pandemic haven’t deterred new luxury watch brand TRIBUS from launching with its line of timepieces inspired by dress watches from the 1940s and 50s. The company, founded by brothers Jake, Jonathan and James Ward, combines its Liverpudlian roots with Swiss watchmaking traditions. The company draws upon key childhood […]

2 weeks ago

Hands-on – Delma Cayman Worldtimer Automatic

Although Delma isn’t the most familiar brand, it’s one we’ve covered several times on MONOCHROME because of its excellent quality/price ratio. The recent vintage-inspired Continental Chronographs are solid examples, offering well-executed and diverse models for under EUR 3,000. This latest Cayman Worldtimer Automatic follows the simpler Cayman Automatic diver line with an added GMT hand […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – E.C. Andersson Calypso Denise Date

Divers owe a lot to French naval officer Jacques Cousteau and his unrivalled contribution towards marine research. But they also owe a lot to watch manufacturers that create timepieces that pay homage to his pioneering work, like Nordic watch brand, E. C. Andersson. The brand has created the Calypso Denise watch – a dive watch […]

3 weeks ago

Introducing – Seiko Presage Sharp Edged Series SPB165, SPB167, SPB169, SPB170

Seiko is not missing a beat in its global campaign as a contender to some of Switzerland’s most revered brands. Many of you are familiar with its robust Prospex diving range. However, the Presage collection was a well-kept Japanese secret until it was released worldwide in 2016. Offering the very best Japanese craftsmanship with Seiko’s […]

4 weeks ago

Hands-on – Raketa Russian Code – Unusually Counterclockwise…

Take a moment and look at this watch… You have five seconds to guess what time it is. And no, it isn’t five-past-ten! Indeed, there’s something unusual, almost disturbing about this watch. And it goes beyond the fact that it is produced in Russia. It also has nothing to do with the planet-like decoration of […]

1 month ago