Introducing – The New Zenith Chronomaster Sport (Live Pics & Video Review)

The Zenith Chronomaster has spawned numerous versions and generations since it was originally presented at the 1994 Basel fair.  More than 20 years later, this sports chronograph has become one of the brand’s key collections. Today, it is the most emblematic expression of the iconic El Primero movement. As 2021 kicks off, Zenith unveils a […]

Hands-on – The Zenith Chronomaster Revival A385

Even after more than 50 years of loyal services, the El Primero remains one of the most fascinating movements to be manufactured. With its column-wheel architecture, its high-frequency, and multiple small but necessary upgrades, it has managed to stand the test of time. In 2019, for its 50th-anniversary, Zenith commemorated this legendary calibre with multiple […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – The Zenith Chronomaster Revival A385

The El Primero, Zenith’s historical and undoubtedly iconic movement, needs little introduction. Launched in 1969, it was amongst the very first automatic chronograph movements introduced by the watch industry, and with original specifications, having a column wheel, a horizontal clutch and, mostly, a high frequency of 5Hz. But that’s about the engine. There were watches […]

3 weeks ago

Hands-on – Zenith Chronomaster Revival “Lupin the Third” – Second Edition

Last year Zenith launched an unprecedented version of its Chronomaster A384 inspired by the Japanese manga and anime series Lupin the Third. It was unprecedented because this black and grey model only existed in the ‘fictionalised’ realm of gentleman-thief Lupin’s universe. Although brands like Seiko are at home producing watches dedicated to characters from Japanese […]

3 months ago

Introducing – Zenith Chronomaster Revival Liberty

Zenith celebrated an important milestone last year when the world’s first high-frequency automatic chronograph movement, the El Primero calibre, turned fifty. Following the introduction of the calibre in 1969, a trilogy of watches was released bearing the winning chronograph movement. One of these was the famous reference A384. With its tonneau-shaped case and panda dial, […]

3 months ago

Introducing – Zenith Defy 21 Chronograph Black & White (Live Pics & Price)

Zenith dresses its hyper-high-frequency Defy 21 chronograph in sharp black & white attire. Available from today, the latest model to join the Defy 21 family can only be bought in Zenith boutiques and through its online retail platform. Zenith’s answer to the El Primero chronograph for the 21st century, the Defy 21 offers breakneck speed […]

5 months ago

Introducing – Bamford x Black Badger Zenith El Primero Superconductor

London-based Bamford Watch Department, officially authorized to customize watches from brands like Tag Heuer, Zenith and Bvlgari, and Swedish industrial jewellery designer Black Badger have again teamed up for a futuristic Zenith El Primero limited edition. Following up on their limited TAG Heuer Carrera with a coffee dial (also together with Badgerworks), the focus has now shifted to the case. Both the design and materials are as unusual as it gets, using a blend of metals, acid and combined design prowess to create the Bamford Watch Department X Black Badger Zenith El Primero Superconductor.

5 months ago

Video – Reviewing the Zenith Chronomaster Revival A386 Manufacture Edition

No one can overlook the importance of the El Primero – both the movement and the watch – when it comes to chronographs. In 1969, the El Primero was one of the first automatic chronographs to be launched. And, in addition to that, the watch fitted with it, the Zenith A386, was very good looking. […]

6 months ago

Introducing – Zenith Defy 21 Ultraviolet (Live Pics & Price)

Beyond the classical black and silver, colours are trendier than ever in watchmaking. Blue, salmon or even green have been widely used by watch brands to dynamise their timepieces. One colour remains, however, rarely applied to horology: violet. Being the visible colour with the highest frequency (according to the concept of perceivable light), violet proved […]

8 months ago