MICRO MONDAYS: Hands-on with the William Wood Valiant White

Editor’s note: Well, this little brand from London that thought it could, sure has convinced us of their seriousness over the last six months. It started with an email to us practically begging to donate a watch to the Watch & Act! Auction in aid of the Australian bushfires. It was a bit late in the game, but the fit was too good to not make it happen. Jonny had us at upcycled fire hoses. So we did it, we put it in. The watch sold high. Then the Valiant Red watch sold out, generally speaking. The fire emoji is appropriate on several levels, and if you’re interested, rest assured, we’re back in stock. To see it in the metal, check out this video.    If there was an early candidate to be stocked on our marketplace, it was William Wood Watches. And since then, there’s more news on the Australian front. We can’t tell all right now. But we can say that a commemorative piece with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade is in the works. To find out how you can order this, please email sales@timeandtidewatches.com None of this however is to steal the thunder from this pretty handsome new watch, the ‘Valiant White’. James,…

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