RECOMMENDED READING: Apple sold nearly 10 million more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019

A few years back, I remember interviewing Jean-Claude Biver and asking how he thought smartwatches would impact the traditional watch industry. Biver insisted the innovation was positive, saying that he believed smartwatches “will bring the attention of young people back to the wrist”. In other words, they would persuade a new generation to start wearing watches once again. Well, smartwatches certainly seem to have stimulated something. This piece from Business Insider reports that Apple shipped 31 million watches last year compared with the estimated 21.1 million shipped by the entire Swiss watch industry put together. That’s an astounding feat of leapfrogging by Apple. We reviewed the Series 5 model here. “Analogue wristwatches remain popular among older consumers,” says Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics’ executive director, in the article. “But younger buyers are tipping toward smartwatches and computerised wristwear.” Three key facts from the story about Apple outselling the Swiss Watch Industry There is an established preference among younger consumers for smartwatches instead of traditional Swiss timepieces from the likes of Tag Heuer, Swatch, and Tissot. With its numerous health-related features, the Apple Watch has helped blur the lines between traditional wristwatches and health-specific wristwear such as Fitbits. This represented growth of…

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Hands-on – Delma Continental Chronograph

Throwback chronographs are everywhere these days with pricing all over the map. At the upper end, there are truly iconic pieces like the Breguet Type XX and Rolex Daytona. A wide variety of brands offer more affordable options for us common folk – the Hamilton Intra-Matic Automatic Chronograph and Longines Avigation BigEye come to mind. […]

The watches, and wild watch stories, of Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has led a truly crazy life. We don’t have time to go into it all here: the horrific childhood, the dizzying ascent, the pet tigers, the rape conviction, the coke habit, the comeback(s), the ear biting, the tragic death of his daughter, the facial tattoos …  Let’s just say that Tyson hasn’t pulled any punches in the life-experience department. His watches overall have not been as wild, but several of the stories surrounding them have a familiar ring. In January 2000, for example, the Mike Tyson circus arrived in London. “Iron Mike” was there to fight the British heavyweight champ Julius Francis. But in the lead-up to the bout, Tyson decided to head out for a spot of retail therapy. Flanked by his six bodyguards and the boxing promoter Frank Warren, Tyson entered Graff Diamonds on Old Bond Street where he launched into a epic spending spree. Tyson selected a diamond watch with a sapphire dial, an emerald and diamond bracelet and two pocketwatches (one of which was a pornographic automaton of a couple having sex). All went smoothly, until the store manager deigned to enquire who would be footing the £426,000 bill. Tyson shrugged off the demand and…

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Review – Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue

Tudor is no stranger to dive watches with iconic pieces going back decades. Validated by both the French Navy (Marine Nationale) and US Navy (among other world militaries), Tudor Submariners have a well-earned reputation. Other than a minor inscription, military Tudors are almost always the same as civilian counterparts, which is a testament to quality […]