CELEBRITY WATCH DEATH MATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Lionel Messi, and we're calling it a thrashing

Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi watches rolex audemars piguetCelebrity Watch Death Match is back, and we’re kicking off from the centreline with the watch collections of two of football’s biggest ever names – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two princes of the pitch have both been described as the GOATs of the modern era; however, if you’re going off stats alone, Leo wipes the floor with Ronaldo. Don’t believe me? Read this. Judging these footballers’ watch collections is not so clear-cut, though – we can’t go off something as dull and clinical as hard data that gives us nothing but the facts. No, to ascertain the MVP of this play-off, we’ve got to rely on our own instincts, and flagrant subjectivity. And also, we all should naturally take into account that both these big dogs have had commercial affiliations with watchmakers in the past. Let the games begin! Smartest Smart Watch? Lionel Messi – Porsche Design Huawei Watch 2 Leo Messi represents the absolute pinnacle of an elite athlete, so it makes perfect sense that the Argentinian ace has been affiliated with a smart watch manufacturer in the past. Unfortunately, though, the Atomic Flea decided to pair himself up with Chinese mega giant Huawei and rock a…

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The Collector’s Series – @Watch_Time_It_Is and his McGonigle Tuscar Bánú

Today we’re talking with @Watch_Time_It_Is, a California-based seasoned watch collector who owns quite a few pieces that I’d call ‘dream watches’: a Grönefeld Parallax; the LM Perpetual Calendar from MB&F; an early Romain Gauthier; and something that I’ve never encountered ‘in the wild’, a Tuscar Bánú made by Stephen McGonigle. Stephen is an Irish watchmaker, […]

Interview – Chris Grainger-Herr on the New 2020 IWC Portugieser Collection, the Big Pilot Safari and COVID-19 (warning: long read)

I guess I need to start this interview with an apology. Sorry, this interview is long, very long, comprising close to 3,000 words. However, the conversation with Chris Grainger-Herr, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen, was great and there was just so much to say about the new Portugiesers. We had the conversation two weeks ago, in the midst of the COVID-19 lock-down. Chris was in his office, in Schaffhausen, and the interview was done through a zoom-meeting. It’s weird, not sitting together for a talk, but it is what it is and I guess for the foreseeable future this is going to be the new normal. 

FRIDAY WIND DOWN: Brace yourself for virtual Baselworld, and get your mojo back with Navy SEAL Jocko Willinck's inspirational watch

OK, this legit feels like a Friday. It’s 3:30, and as we say in Australia, I’m absolutely stinging for a tin. Translation: a cold beer would be very pleasant if you happen to have one? I’m back in the house, out of my pimped-up pool shed that I now call home during the week while lockdown drags on and on. Why? Because it’s being properly renovated. If life throws you lockdown, pimp your pool shed is my new motto. A quick Australian COVID-19 update: we are still required to work from home, and business can be penalised if they breach the order. So, Steve McQueen on the garage door of our once-was-a-motorbike-shop HQ is lonely and grumpy, and I am – like the rest of the team – still contending with remote working. We’re still managing to do our thing, though, and it was another pretty memorable week for story twists and turns. The story I’ll never forget … We really agonised over it in the editorial meeting. Should we publish it? Was it off-topic for Time+Tide? It was about ‘the most inspirational watch in the world’. Which was Luke’s clever take on Jocko Willink’s digital watch face, which daily…

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Introducing – Brellum Pilot Power Gauge LE.1

Proud to represent the 4th generation of watchmaker in the Swiss Jura near Porrentruy, Sebastien Muller launched his own brand Brellum a few years ago with the idea of offering high-quality timepieces sold directly to clients. In just a few years, he has managed to create a loyal and growing community by offering fairly-priced watches […]

We've recreated Baselworld 2020 on YouTube over three epic episodes, starting tomorrow. This is what you can expect

The Home Delivery Watch Fair, Watches & Wonders Edition was hands down one of the most ambitious and fun things we’ve ever attempted. And, judging by the comments, you seemed to enjoy it. That’s about all the encouragement we needed to take that positivity forward and tackle the big dance. So, we’re doing it again. For Baselworld. But this time, it’s bigger. Because it’s a virtual Baselworld, and everything is bigger in Baselworld. More watches — there are more than 40 in the full three episodes. More glamour — there are movie stars and adult entertainers. More hangovers — there are cocktails. If the first Home Delivery Watch Fair was a roast chicken with chips, this is a 10-pound turducken with a couple of pounds of double-roasted potatoes on the side. How much of Basel is enough? You’re about to find out. When does it start? Tomorrow! We have three episodes lined up for the next three Saturdays, starting with tomorrow at 10pm in NYC, 7pm in LA and midday in the home office of Melbourne, Australia. We tried to line up a cocktail hour for the whole world, and it wasn’t easy. Hit Instagram to put your timer on, or check your inbox…

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