VIDEO: The Best Watches of 2017 – $1000 – 5000

Next up in our holiday season wrap-up of the great value watches, we’re talking about the best watches of 2017 priced between $1000 and $5000. Same rooftop bar, same banter, but new shirts and (more importantly) new watches. Oris Big Crown ProPilot Worldtimer It makes perfect sense for a Pilot’s watch to have a second time zone. It makes even more sense for that time zone to be easily and intuitively adjusted. And adjustments don’t come much more easy or intuitive than the quick bezel change on this Oris. $5000 Longines Avigation BigEye The well-priced winner of the GPHG’s revival prize – Longines’ Avigation BigEye – was a clean-looking chrono and a surefire entrant into this list … $3450 Nomos Club Campus Nomos’ Club collection got a new member in 2017, the fresh and youthful Club Campus. And while it’s geared towards graduates and new entrants into the world of watches, its quality and design ensures that it stands tall on its own merits. From $1870 Bremont Supermarine Type S301 Bremont might be better known for their tough-as aviation watches, but it turns out they’re a dab hand at divers too. The Supermarine Type S301 adds some serious vintage charms to…

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