Introducing – Bovet Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two (Live Pics & Price)

The density of horological technicality packed into this watch is enough to take your breath away. Following in the stellar wake of Brainstorm Chapter One released in 2019, Chapter Two takes on board a host of complications: double-sided flying tourbillon; world timer indexed to a second time zone; and moon phase and power reserve indicators. […]

2 weeks ago

Hands-on – Grand Seiko Sport GMT Hi-Beat SBGJ239 and SBGJ237

The GMT complication is, without a doubt, one of the most practical functions you can have in your watch. Our environment is becoming more and more international and crossing time zones while traveling is the new normal. This is something that Grand Seiko hasn’t ignored, as the brand has a wide range of dual time […]

2 weeks ago

Hands-on – The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite, Now in Midnight Blue

Modern days mean working in international environments and frequent travelling. As such, what’s certainly the most practical of all complications is the dual-time or GMT watch, which allows displaying two or more time-zones at a glance. Well, this is the easy way… And Glashütte Original doesn’t like to take shortcuts. Their vision of a traveller’s […]

4 weeks ago

Introducing – The HERO-ERA Wristwatch, by Historic Endurance Rally Organisation

Every now and then a collaboration between a non-watch company or organisation and a watch manufacturer pops up, sometimes delivering a very interesting new product combining values from all involved. And if it also happens to be a logical joint effort between parties, it may tick all the right boxes. Renowned historic rally organisers HERO-ERA […]

1 month ago

Introducing – Delma Cayman Worldtimer Automatic

Delma is a brand that we’ve covered on multiple occasions here at MONOCHROME. The watches, often rugged and powerful diving instruments, have proved to be well-executed and performing while retaining a reasonable price. One of its recent models, the Cayman, a cool, accessible, retro-styled diver’s watch, offers everything you need and more. Based on the […]

2 months ago

Hands-on – A Watch for A Good Cause, the NOTSAG Aquaelite Type II

We recently went hands-on with the NOTSAG Aquaelite Type I, the first of two accessible watches from Los Angeles-based startup, NOTSAG. Founder Laurent Chardin Rischmann’s son, 10-year-old Gaston, battles multiple developmental challenges including mitochondrial disease, so 20% of net profits are donated to genetic research. NOTSAG is an anagram of Gaston and the brand was […]

2 months ago

Introducing – Bamford London Commando GMT and Predator GMT

George Bamford is best known for customizing (officially authorized) watches from heavyweights like Zenith, Rolex and Patek Philippe via his company, Bamford Watch Department. His latest watch brand, Bamford London, has been building watches from scratch for a couple of years now and had an unusual start. There are now two main collections with several […]

2 months ago

Introducing – Panerai Submersible EcoPangaea Tourbillon GMT 50mm ‘Mike Horn’ PAM01108

Following the Arktos (2002-2004), North Pole Winter (2006), Pangea (2008-2012) and Pole2Pole expeditions (2016-2019), Panerai teams up again with Mike Horn this year. In the frame of the brand’s ‘experiences’ program, the brand unveils a special edition watch, a Submersible Tourbillon GMT available in only 5 pieces, that will allow buyers to live an experience […]

3 months ago