LIST: Andrew McUtchen’s 4 favourite stories of 2018

This is among my favourite days of the year. When, from the relative peace and quiet of the gap between Christmas and New Year, there’s a chance to look back at another 12 months of Time+Tide. 2018 was our biggest year yet, in every sense — traffic, travel, trips to the post office to mail out magazines, as well as more trolls and gladiators than ever before; it all escalated quickly. It was awesome. These are my favourite four stories of the year. Russell Crowe tells us all the watch stories I didn’t know what ‘AMSR’ was until this video. I was telling people about the odd, extremely enjoyable feeling that Russell Crowe’s voice caused me. Shivers. Goosebumps. “That’s AMSR,” someone said, before expanding. “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” So, in addition to the content itself — a detailed breakdown of the how, who, where and why of many of Rusty’s watches — there’s also the sheer listening pleasure of his delivery. This story, too, was another high-water mark for us. Where did the big guy, and his auction house, go to reach Australia’s watch buyers and collectors? Where else but Felix Scholz and T+T; a job well done by the…

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