Revisiting the $20k fantasy watch collection, reader edition

Editor’s note: The premise of the 20K Fantasy Watch Collection is simple: construct a hypothetical watch collection with as many watches as you like for as close to $20,000 AUD as possible. The only other stipulation — you can’t choose any watches that you currently own. As for whether you choose new or second hand, it’s up to you. Well, we had a lot of fun tackling it, back in the day and if the reaction on social media was anything to go by, you guys did too. To be honest, so much fun was had, we thought we’d keep the ball rolling and post a few of our favourite dream collections that you, our readers, sent us. So, without further ado, we’re revisiting the great $20K fantasy watch collection (readers only) challenge. And we’re getting ready to do it all again, so get those lists out … Jonathan from Facebook Jonathan’s collection is not only value-packed – we’re assuming he’s going with second-hand prices here and that he has some solid hook-ups – but it’s also incredibly diverse. There’s a GMT, a chronograph, a handful of divers, and something dressy for when the occasion calls for it. A collection more than…

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