First Look – The New Czapek Complicité Place Vendôme Stardust Cobalt

Dual regulators were invented by horology’s illustrious grandfathers to improve accuracy and stability. Names like Huygens, who introduced the concept of resonance inside his movements, and others like Breguet, Berthoud and Janvier are all associated with this alignment of double regulators. Coveted by collectors, this rara avis is not extinct and reinterpreted by contemporary wizards […]

Introducing – The Andersen Genève x BCHH Celestial Voyager “Sunset over Cappadocia” Version 2

Longtime Singaporean collector Benjamin Chee had a dream of creating beautiful, high-end watches. To manifest his vision, he created the BCHH (Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie) brand and reached out to master watchmaker Svend Andersen of Andersen Genève to create the Celestial Voyager, a sophisticated world timer with a handcrafted enamel dial. Following the sold-out success […]

First Look – The new Brellum Pandial Bicompax Titanium

Founded in 2016 by Sébastien Muller in the Swiss Jura, Brellum is a niche independent brand that uses a direct distribution model. Specializing in crafting vintage-inspired chronographs at attainable prices, Brellum produces only a few hundred watches annually, with no more than 299 pieces a year, including limited editions. The brand now proudly introduces its […]

Interview – A Business-Oriented Conversation with Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie

MELB, does that mean anything to you? The acronym hides a discreet family group, active in various high-added-value fields including, of course, watchmaking. However, one of its components is well-known, through its collections: Endeavour, Streamliner, and Pioneer to name just three. We are talking about H. Moser & Cie and MeylanEdouardLeonoreBertrand (MELB), founded by the […]

Hands-on – The Slimmer and Smaller Byrne Gyro Dial Meca

Customisation has fast become a watch industry standard, offering buyers a host of case materials, dial colours, strap options, etc… However, it’s not often that you come across a watch with four different faces, or rather, four different fonts for four revolving numerals on the dial. Designer and former watch restorer John Byrne’s Gyro Dial […]

Buying Guide – A Selection of Fuel-Injected Watches, from Fairly Simple to Ultra-Complex

“Racing is life; anything that happens before or after is just waiting.” Famous words by Michael Delaney, Steve McQueen’s character in the legendary 1971 movie Le Mans. And while there’s far more to life than racing, to a Petrolhead, it does make absolute sense. It’s the thrill of fast-paced cars being pushed on winding roads […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – The New and Superb Voutilainen KV20i Reversed

Five years ago, Kari Vouitilainen‘s atelier unveiled an exciting evolution of the brand’s signature time-only Vingt-8 series, the Voutilainen 28TI model with an inverted calibre. The 28TI (Titanium Inverse) watch, with its sumptuous detailing and delicate decoration, brought to the fore movement components that were previously visible through the sapphire caseback, allowing an impressive display […]

2 weeks ago

Introducing – The Skyward-Bound Ming 37.08 Starlight

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Ming is an independent watch brand with a cult following. Frustrated by not finding a watch he liked at a price he could afford, multi-talented founder Ming Thein decided to create his own brand. Design is king at Ming. Contemporary styling, luminescence, layering and colour are key aesthetic directives of the […]

2 weeks ago