Introducing – The Sinn U1 DS With Grinding Dial

If you’re a dive watch or instrument watch enthusiast, the Sinn U1 should be no stranger to you. It is indeed the brand’s signature diver-oriented model… Modern-looking, utilitarian, over-engineered and very German indeed, up to the material used for the case and bracelet. What Sinn has recently been presenting is a new edition of its […]

2 months ago

Introducing – The Sinn 105 St Sa UTC Collection

A new UTC model, the 105 St Sa UTC with dual time functionality on a 24-hour scale, joins Sinn’s Instrument Watch collection in the new sporty Series 105 sub-category. When you read about the launch of GMTs or world timers, most brands try to conjure a glamorous world of first-class travel experiences. Forget about flowery […]

6 months ago

Introducing – Sinn R500 “Bullhead” Racing Stopwatch

Sinn, the German watchmaker with a forte in instrument watches, revisits a racing stopwatch from the 1970s complete with the historical “bullhead” design. Although this new model takes its design cues from a vintage and original chronograph, the Sinn R500 Chronograph is made from contemporary high-strength titanium with racy design features. A stopwatch designed for […]

6 months ago

Introducing – Sinn U1 DE Limited Edition

The 3rd of October is an important date for German citizens, probably the most important day in their recent history. On 3 October 1990, both sides of Germany (GDR and DDR, split since 1949) were reunited following the Fall of the Berlin Wall a year before. As a German watch manufacturer, reunification is important for […]

8 months ago

Buying Guide – 10 of the Most Stunning Chronograph Watches Launched in 2020

The chronograph, one of our favourite features and one of the most complex types of movement around, continues to be one of the most popular and practical complications. Chronographs can be started, stopped and reset to measure short (or longer) intervals of time. Over the years, these were adapted and rethought into specialized tools. Being […]

Introducing – Sinn U50, The Smaller Version of The U1 Diving Instrument (Live Pics & Pricing)

If you’re into retro-looking, precious and trendy (desk) dive watches, the following watch isn’t for you. What’s coming below is modern, utilitarian, over-engineered and very German indeed. No surprises, it’s a new Sinn watch. Well known for its pilot’s chronographs, the brand also has a solid track record in diving instruments, one of the best […]

Introducing – Sinn 104 St Sa A B E Limited Edition

Sinn has a long reputation for no-nonsense, well-priced, military-spec watches with functional design, instrumental technical solutions and, overall, a sense of durability. This resulted in great, technical-looking watches but also in a certain lack of coolness. The brand has, however, recently shown some evolutions by introducing more “fun” into the design, yet without forgetting its […]

Buying Guide – The Best Accessible Watches (Under EUR 2,500) we Saw at Baselworld 2019

With the Swatch Group gone from Baselworld 2019, the “Value Proposition” category, meaning watches under EUR 2,500, has been seriously affected. Brands like Tissot, Mido, Hamilton or Longines usually perform well in this segment. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we haven’t seen some cool things at Baselworld this year (and around the fair too). Here are […]

2 years ago