Introducing – The New 2021 Editions of the Mido Ocean Star Tribute

Fun fact that many might not know, but back in the 1930s Mido was nicknamed the “King of Waterproof” due to the brand expertise in the field of water-resistant watches – which were not that common back in the days. This tradition continued with the brand’s early dive watches made in the 1960s. Part of […]

1 month ago

Value Proposition – Introducing the Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic in Blue

Timex has a solid reputation for producing smart, affordable timepieces and has recently introduced a new version of its Timex Giorgio Galli S1. A novelty we think looks rather handsome, it is mechanically powered and won’t break the bank. So far, it ticks all our boxes as a strong value-for-money timepiece. The faithful reissue of […]

2 months ago

Face-to-Face – The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer vs. the Timor Heritage Field

Here’s the battle of accessible British military-inspired watches! The two watches we’re about to compare are indeed very similar in spirit and execution. Undoubtedly, there are drastic differences between them, but there are strong resemblances too. Both watches are accessible, hand-wound, inspired by past military-issued models for the British Armed Forces (the MoD and the […]

2 months ago

Buying Guide – 6 Watches Showing That The Integrated Bracelet Concept Can Be Accessible

Unless you’ve completely lost track of what’s happening in the watch industry for the last 2 years, you’re certainly aware of the sports watch with integrated bracelet’s comeback. Following the impressive popularity of watches such as the Royal Oak and the Nautilus, many watch enthusiasts have suddenly felt the itch for adding such a watch […]

2 months ago

Introducing – The Delbana Recordmaster Limited Edition 90th Anniversary

Swiss watch brand Delbana, whose headquarters are now situated in Lengnau and linked to Delma watches, is a family-run business that has dedicated the last 90 years to making luxury watches more affordable. The release of the new Delbana Recordmaster watch is an extension of this mission – a 90-limited-edition timepiece based on an original […]

2 months ago

Value Proposition – The Circula SuperSport Compressor, And A Look At The Brand

Gone are the days when microbrands were dismissed as pariahs of the industry. Second class timekeepers to more familiar, established brands. While not all microbrands are created equal, the subset has evolved into bonafide players that give the old pros a run for their money. Given the much smaller scale and freedom from corporate interference, […]

2 months ago

Hands-on – The Edox SkyDiver Neptunian Deep Dive Watch

When it comes down to choosing an accessible dive watch, there are plenty of options to consider. Understandably, it isn’t too difficult to create a watch with a 200m water-resistance and stylish look. When it comes to a true deep diver’s watch, capable of withstanding extreme pressures, and fully equipped for saturation diving, the story […]

2 months ago

Introducing – The Updated Certina DS Podium Chronograph Automatic

When it comes to an accessible chronograph with automatic movement, coming from an established brand, the Certina DS Podium Chronograph has always been a solid option. Indeed, the watch is powered by an ETA Swiss made calibre and comes from a brand known for its reliability, as well as its fair price policy. For 2021, […]

2 months ago

Introducing – The New Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 (Live Pics & Price)

The trend for 1970s-inspired sports watches with integrated bracelet doesn’t seem to slow down. In fact, multiple brands are entering the race, whether in the entry-level segment or all the way up in haute horlogerie. One of the latest contenders in this very highly prolific segment is coming from Tissot, with the PRX watch. While […]

2 months ago

Introducing – The William Wood Triumph Chronograph Collection

I’m definitely a fan of themed watches such as Hamilton’s Jazzmaster Regulator Cinema or Raymond Weil’s Freelancer AC/DC Limited Edition, and William Wood collections have an intriguing, ongoing British firefighter theme. We looked at the William Wood Valiant Collection last year and the attention to detail was impressive with a host of firefighting elements throughout […]

2 months ago