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Dale is an airline pilot, with a love for all things cars, watches and photography. He unwinds by going for a cruise in his 1971 Datsun 240z and spending time with his family. Hi Dale, what’s your daily watch and why? I don’t have a daily watch per se, though I have my eye on a particular piece right now, so that may change soon! I bought all my watches to wear, so I tend to rotate them as much as possible. When I’m working, I tend to gravitate towards a GMT, as all our flight planning, Dep/Arrival times, weather forecasting etc. is all referenced to Zulu (GMT) time. So, generally, I most likely throw on my Breitling Avenger II GMT or Citizen Nighthawk (great grab and go). I’m a Breitling tragic, and I love the aviation history behind the brand. The original Navitimer 01 is such a classic and beautiful piece, and I have lusted over one since I started flying! One day I would like to add a vintage Navi to the collection. What else is in your collection? Have you got a favourite? I’ve finally realised I’m not a dress watch guy, so a majority of my…

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